Applied correctly, the very slow defrosting method keeps over 90% of the nutrients and taste of the freshly caught fish


In Brasov things are done slowly but efficiently. At Minus 22 efficiency is not related to time, but to seriousness. When we say that we will do something, we keep our promise and we respect what’s to respect, without a doubt.

Very very slow defrosting0

After 22 years of experience in frozen food preparation, we know for sure that defrosting in warm water is not exactly the most inspired idea if you want to prepare a tasty meal. That’s because the books say very clearly:

freeze the food quickly and thaw it slowly.

Only this way they will be almost as if nothing had happened!

The only way to restore the taste of freshly caught fish is thawing patiently and effortlessly. Make sure to remember 24 hours before you want to cook and take it out from -18 degrees. Place it on the top shelf of the refrigerator for another day, in a container without liquid in it.

Defrosting the fish

It is essential that the product be kept for 24 hours in a cold environment such as the refrigerator.

And don’t forget that the fresh taste of the fish that you cook and serve depends only on you. If you care about meat tenderness, the easiest way to cook and after that eat, but especially how it looks, then never ignore the rule for defrosting the frozen fish.